12 Free Car Vacuum Near Me Locations and Gas Stations

#Here is the top list of locations where provide free Car Vacuum near me locations.

As you have already figured out that Gas station car vacuum cleaning is one of the affordable ways to get your car cleaned without spending much on premium vacuum services.  Many gas stations provide free air services but not all have free vacuuming services.

However, if you are determined to find a affordable self-service public vacuum cleaners, we can help you find out some of few.

Let’s look into the places where you can vacuum your car for free!

Car Washes with Free Car Vacuum service

Even though it feels unbelievable, Free Car Vacuum services really exists, but eventually they will convert you into a paying customer. and as a free customer don’t abuse the service they are providing.

Breeze Thru Car Wash

Breeze Thru Car Wash has 12+ locations in Wyoming and Colorado. All branches carry free-to-use vacuum cleaners, but they typically limit these to paying customers.

Raceway Car Wash

Raceway Car Wash has 40+ locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas. All of these branches carry free-to-use vacuum cleaners.

Technically, you need a membership to access their cleaning apparatus. However, the rates start at just $13 per month, and you’ll already get multiple washes plus free vacuuming.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy’s Express Car Wash ranks among the most widely known car washes in the U.S. It has 205 locations in 30 states.

Incidentally, it’s also one of the only major car wash franchises that let customers use their vacuum cleaners free of charge.

Flash Car Wash

Flash Car Wash has several locations in Florida, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Although all stations have free-to-use vacuum cleaners, they’re often only available to customers.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Tidal Wave Auto Spa has 60+ locations scattered across 11 states. Although all branches have self-service public vacuum cleaners, some branches follow stricter restrictions than others.


Gas Stations With Free Car Vacuums


BP has more than 7,200 locations scattered across various states, most of which offer car cleaning and vacuuming services. You can even find them through the BPme app on your iOS or Android device.

Usually BP stations charge $2 for five minutes of vacuum cleaning. However, loyal BP patrons get a free car wash with vacuuming after five visits.


Most QuikTrip gas stations charge $3 for vacuuming. Meanwhile, you can get a full car wash and free vacuum cleaning for just $3 at QuikTrip.


Citgo has under 5,000 gas stations in the U.S. Most Citgo gas stations have a drive-through car wash, and they position their vacuum cleaners just behind it.

Vacuuming typically costs $2 for five minutes. However, most locations will let you vacuum for free if you have just filled up on gas


Arco has more than 1,500 locations scattered across 14 states in the West coast, upper Midwest, and even Mexico. Many of them carry at least a couple of vacuum cleaners.

Newly opened outlets will let you use the Vacuum service for Free. However, most charge $0.75 for two minutes.

Phillips 66

Most Phillips 66 stations only charge $0.75 for two minutes of vacuuming; you can get rid of light dust and debris for only $1.50.

However, note that Phillips 66 stations are independently owned. At least a few hundred locations don’t mind letting customers use their vacuum cleaners for free.

How do you  find free Car Vacuum Cleaning services?

Free Car Vacuum Near Me Locations

We hope you have found the above list of locations where you can find free Car Vacuum services. but still you want find some locations near you, the best ways is using your Google Maps services or joining reddit threads, Facebook groups or checking the nearest gas stations in your current location.