5+ Legit Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes (2023 Update)

Nowadays everybody has an Android smartphone, isn’t that great if you can get some free Google Play codes to redeem credits. Below is our list of best ways to get free Google Play codes.

 Free Google Play Codes to Redeem Credit

Best ways to Get Free Google Play Codes

As the Google play store has plenty of services and applications, it’s very easy to redeem these codes for your purpose.  below we have to list the best methods by which you can redeem free Google Play codes.

Google Opinion Rewards: If you have an active Google account, you can participate in surveys from Google Opinion Rewards and receive credit upon completion. which is usually 25 cents and can go up to $1 for each completion of the survey. And this will be automatically transferred into your google play account. Click here for further information.

Google Chromecast and Google Home: If you have recently brought a Google Chromecast and register your device via the Google Home app. Then you will receive a free Google play code worth $25 per device. Google Home app link.

S’more: You download the app and give access to S’more. It then places ads and content on your lock screen. Which you will earn every day and later converted into a reward card.

Microsoft Bing Search: Install Microsts on bing search to search the internet and answer quiz and other activities. Then you can earn Microsoft Rewards that you can exchange for gift cards. Click here for installation.

MobileXpression: Download this app and use it to earn points every week that can later convert into a gift card. Which is an internet usage monitoring app. check the link here.

Official Samsung Galaxy site: If you have an active samsung decice, all you have to do is register at official Samsung Galaxy site and earn up to $25 Google Play Store credit. Click here for more

Achievement: Which is an app diet related app that rewards you for walking, meditating, logging meals, and completing other health-related tasks. Every 10,000 points earn will be convered to $10, which you can later use to buy Google Play Store credits. Click here for more information.

Gift Card Granny: the official website which allow you to buy, exchange, and sell your gift cards with other members with exciting discounts. also earn points when you refer a friend, purchase gift cards, and sharing their promotions. Click here for more information.

Costco Membership: If you have a Costco membership, you can use this to buy some of the cheapest gift cards around. Click here for more information

You can also check out some similar reward apps like InstaGC, Points2Shop, Mistplay, Quick Rewards, Squishy Cash and Get-Paid, These apps follow the procedure like 1) Complete a task. 2) Earn rewards. 3) Redeem them for cash or gift cards. You can always utilize the best offers in the respective apps to earn more.

Google Play credit Code generators

Its a widely enquired topic that do there any active Google play credit code generators? Unfortunatily, No matter how good the website looks, they always lure you to give your personal information and possibliy gives nothing in return. So don’t fall for such scams and utlize the legitimate ways to earn free google play rewards mentioned above.


We hope you where able to find some exciting ways to get some Google Play credits for your next purchase. If you are an avid gamer, Check out our best legitimate ways to earn free steam codes post for further information’s.