25+ Ways to Get a Free T-Shirts from Companies & Collages

There are tons of ways to get a free T-shirt from companies and various universities free. Here we have listed all the possible ways to opt for a free T-shirt by mail.

Get a Free T-Shirt By Mail

How to Get a Free T-Shirt By Mail?

Getting a free t-shirt yourself isn’t that much hard as you think. Some companies and university colleges often send out free T-shirts in order to promote their services. Most of the time the steps only involve fill out a simple form with your address or opt for a free newsletter sign-up. You can utilize this opportunity by applying for the same and get a freebie.  Check out our list of Free T-shirt offers below.

List of Companies that You can opt for a Free T-Shirt

WWF: The World Wide Fund raises awareness and gets monetary support from fundraisers. You can tell them about your plans to do a fundraiser and get an inspirational fundraising pack that includes a free t-shirt. Click here.

Dr. Pepper: Join Dr. Pepper’s Pepper Pack and get a free T-shirt. Click here.

Awesome Shirt: If you are a Christian, you will love this freebie offer! Click here.

Kona Ice: Which is a shaved ice truck that serves nutritious frozen treats. fill out their form to get a free T-Shirt.

BoardVitals: An online board of review resources, that send out a free shirt to anyone who fills out this form.

Instructure: You can fill out this form to get a free Instructure Canvas shirt.

T-Shirt Outlet: The company is a distribution channel for promotional shirts with printing errors or defects. Simply fill out this form here.

Smokin’ Dave’s: The company that sells smoked jalapeños, habaneros, and garlic. You can opt for a free “Jala! Jalapenos” T-shirt when you fill out this form.

The Busker: Which is a newly launched Irish Whiskey currently hosting online contests to introduce their brand. Giving aways shirts for contestants. Click here.

WhyIVax: You can complete their survey and Become an Immunization Ambassador. And they’ll ship out a free T-shirt to you for your trouble. Click here.

Lemon: A company that offers loungewear, legwear, slippers, and other cozy clothing. Become an ambassador and get free goodies. Click here.

4imprint: A company that creates promotional products for companies, including shirts, pens, notebooks, bags, tumblers, and many more. Click here to opt for a free t-shirt.

MuscleTech: A fitness product selling company that sells protein supplements, workout drinks, and apparel. When you subscribe to their newsletter you will get free samples, nutritional advice, and of course a free shirt. Click here.

AB InBev: MyCooler is a rewards program that lets you earn points every time you buy a beer from one of their brands, such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Bon & Viv, and many others. These rewards can be exchanged for products such as clothing, electronics, and accessories. Click here.

Tubi 60: A Isreal based company that is a popular herbal spirit that’s imported in the US. Opt into the Tubi email newsletter and they’ll send you a free T-shirt. Click here.

Paradosiaka: The company manufactures olive-based products, such as vacuum-preserved olives, olive tapenade, olive oil, and soaps. You can opt for a free T-Shirt here.

Adidas: Apply as a product tester in Adidas and they’ll send you free merchandise to test. Click here.

Turkey Hill Dairy: The company sells ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, milk, iced tea, and other desserts and drinks. If you become the official Turkey Hill Ambassador, you can get a free shirt, click here.

List of Colleges that Send You Shirts for Free

Columbia Southern University: Contact them for a free shirt Ph: (800) 977-8449. Click here.

George Washington University: Fill out this request forum. Ph: (202) 994-1000.

Alaska Pacific University: You can contact them through their form to ask for a t-shirt, however, it’s meant more for students who are interested in applying to the school.Ph: (907) 561-1266.  Click here

Alabama State University: You can use their contact form to email them about getting a free t-shirt.Ph: (800) 253-5037.  Click here.


Well, there are probably more than 20 companies that send out free T-shirts. We always try to update them as soon as good ones available. Do you happen to know any methods of getting free shirts that you would like to share? Let us in the comments below!

And we wish you could probably fill out your Closet with Freebies.