10+ Brands that Send You Free Toothpaste Samples

Do you run out of your toothpaste often? Then here are some awesome ways to get some free toothpaste samples yourself. Using this trick you can get some well-branded Toothpaste sample freebies.

Free Toothpaste Samples

How to Get Free Toothpaste Samples by Mail

So how can you get free toothpaste samples? Where do you need to signup? Here is the complete set of instructions below on that topic.

Some companies tend to send out Toothpaste samples, but you need to pay for the shipping cost. and almost every oral healthcare companies have special offers that are only available for dentists and dental hygienists. Most of the time Kids Toothpaste samples are usually offered as samples more than adult toothpaste.

List of Companies that Send out Fee Toothpaste Samples

Sensodyne: To redeem free samples, you must be a dental professional and need to create an account and reveal your practice shipping address to be eligible for any Sensodyne free samples. link1, link2.

CloseUp: You can Fill out the contact form and request a product sample. And UK residents can get freebies just by shopping via Superdrug.com

Hello Oral Care: You can get free samples by joining the Hello Friends community and wait for “missions” in your dashboard.

Parodontax: Free Parodontax samples are available at the GSK Health Partner account. Which is exclusive for dental professionals

Arm and Hammer: The Switch & Save Challenge is companies promotion and lets new customers try out their toothpaste for free. so make sure to sign up.

Aquafresh: To get free Aquafresh samples, you can install the Captain Aquafresh app and be updated with promos or Request a complimentary sample, if you’re a “health partner” or anyone working in the dental field. (Needs registration)

Crest: If you want to get free Crest toothpaste samples, you can register at dentalcare.com or Become a member of Crest.com’s community. And dental professionals can get free samples by sending an e-mail at [email protected]

Marvis Toothpaste: You can get free samples is by sending them a direct request here.

Tom’s of Maine: If you want the company’s sea salt or charcoal toothpaste, request Tom’s of Maine toothpaste samples via email. And also follow Tom’s of Maine on Facebook and participate in promotions.

Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures: Institute Educators can request a Colgate kit for their students as long as they use the official school email address and send a request by filling up this form.

Colgate Professionals: If you are a dentist, dental hygienist, dental tech, or any other professional in this field, you can request to get Colgate free sample pack by mail. Click here for more information.


Like all of our Freebie products, Toothpaste is one of the most useful products in terms of daily usage, you can check out more freebie items on our Free Samples Category page. Also, bookmark us for future updates of a new list of Free Toothpaste sample offers pop up.