Where to Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash (30+ Options)

Given the current pandemic, having the ability to exchange goods and services without having to meet face-to-face with each other is more valuable than ever. While the world seems to have slowed to a halt, babies are still being born and children are growing out of clothing and gear just as crazy-fast as always. The online marketplace can be a lifesaver for families who are seeking out used baby gear.

Where to Sell Used Baby Clothes

Where to Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash

1. threadUP

ThredUP is one of the largest consignment online sites, and it carries clothing and accessories for every member of the family. The options range from basic to designer, and the selling process is similar to My Kid’s Threads.

ThredUp will send you the “Clean Out Bag,” which you fill up and send back to them for evaluation. The site will process your items and pay upfront for the ones they want to consign.


  • Payment upfront.
  • The process is easy and straightforward.
  • You don’t have to store clothing.


  • They aren’t dedicated to children and babies.
  • They don’t pay out as much as some other sites.
  • There may be a charge for processing.

2. Rebelstork

Rebelstork is great for selling all kinds of baby gear from swings to strollers and everything in between.

How it works

Rebelstock will pick up your baby gear and sell it for you on their platform. Just tell them what you want to sell below, see how much you’ll likely make, and let them do the rest.

3. Swap.com

Swap.com is another great online option for selling your baby clothes for cash. The first time you use the site, you need to pass their acceptance criteria and after that you will be able to send clothes in whenever you like.

How it works

Much the same as ThredUp -Sign up and send your initial items to Swap.com. If accepted, they will do the heavy lifting (processing, pricing, photos, etc.) and you can sit back and start making $$!

4. Kidizen

If your little one has a penchant for wearing particularly trendy clothes, Kidizen is the perfect place to sell them. Instead of a website, Kidizen is an app that seeks to connect moms looking to sell their child’s items with moms looking to buy them. The company tries to create a close community of trustworthy buyers and sellers, an effort that helps ease anxiety. Kidizen caters to trendy, in-style fashion for kids of all ages.

5. OfferUp

Think of OfferUp as a less threatening Craigslist. Through this simple platform, you can sell clothes, toys, gear, basically anything you want to people in your area. Using the website or the mobile app, OfferUp allows users to post the items they wish to sell and take multiple offers from other users in their area. Head on over to OfferUp to learn a bit more about their buying and selling process.

6. 5Miles

If you’re looking for a way to sell kid’s clothes where you get to keep 100% of the profits, then 5Miles is definitely the website for you. This is because 5miles doesn’t charge any commission!

For some categories, it does charge listing fees though.

You can sell to people near you! It’s such an easy way to make money from selling used kid’s clothes. You can sell lots of other items on the platform too, like kid’s toys and books.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download 5Miles for iOS devices here.
  • Download 5Miles for Android devices here.

7. Varage Sale

Next, we have Garage Sale and it’s like an online garage sale where you can sell stuff locally. There are lots of different categories where you can sell stuff, as with most of these sorts of sites. You can sell kid’s clothing there, as well as other stuff like toys, for example. So, you may want to consider listing your toys for sale there.

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download VarageSale for iOS devices here.
  • Download VarageSale for Android devices here.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is a bit different from the sites listed above because you handle the sale and shipment of your items. It works more like a traditional buy and sells site where you list your item then ship it to the buyer.

How it works

Take photos of your items and fill out the price and description. Ship them using the Poshmark prepaid label when they sell.

9. eBay

Everyone knows eBay as the original buy and sell a site that has been around for almost twenty years. I have always found it a great place to buy and sell unique, name-brand baby clothes and gear that is in high demand.

How It Works

You can either choose the buy it now option or auction off your stuff to the highest bidder. eBay takes a cut of your sale price. You handle all photos and shipping and need to build that into your price.

10. Schoola

Schoola is the perfect place to try if you’re looking to get rid of a few things and help a great cause at the same time. The company was created by a team of teachers and parents with the intent of funding much-needed school programs through the sale of secondhand clothes. While Schoola won’t offer you much in the way of money for your child’s things, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your things are being used to help children in need. Visit Schoola to find more information on the organization.

11. Amazon

Finding some who doesn’t use Amazon in the day and age is extremely difficult. The online marketplace offers amazing deals on just about every product under the sun. They also make selling your gently used items really easy. You can list as many items as you want, charge extra for shipping, and be easily paid through the company. For every used stroller your child has grown out of there is a family needing a steep discount on one.

12. Shpock

Next on the list, we have Shpock. Now, this site is one of those where you can sell all sorts of items. You can sell kid’s clothing and baby clothing through the platform. Oh, and its name is a portmanteau of “shop in your pocket,” which is sort of interesting.

Now, what I like about Shpock is that it doesn’t charge you any fees.

Yes, that’s right – there are zero fees charged!

That’s always a good thing because it means that you get to keep all of the profits you make!

Here’s where you can get the app:

  • Download Shpock for iOS devices here.
  • Download Shpock for Android devices here.

13. eBid

Okay, so next on the list we have eBid. Now, eBid is an auction website. So, it’s sort of like eBay, except that it’s actually better reviewed.

What’s great about eBid is that it allows you to sell stuff in 25,000 categories! That’s crazy, right?

So, you really can sell pretty much anything on the site.

And this, of course, includes kid’s stuff. So, whether you have kid’s shoes or onesies to sell, you can sell your unwanted stuff to eBid for cash!

The website actually has membership levels. The Basic Seller account is for the casual seller and it’s free.

However, if your stuff sells, then you’ll be charged a final value fee of 5%.

Now, if you want to avoid those fees, you’ll need to opt for the paid plan, which is called Seller+.

With this plan, you can choose to have a 0% final value fee. The cost of the Seller+ account varies depending on the payment plan that you choose.

  • 7 Day: $1.99
  • 30 Day: $6.99
  • 90 Day: $16.99
  • 365 Day: $69.99
  • Lifetime (special offer running): $139.99

Here’s where you can get the eBid app:

  • Download eBid for iOS devices here.
  • Download eBid for Android devices here.

Best ways to Sell Used Baby Clothes

14. Mercari

Download the Mercari app and sell practically anything including baby clothes and toys. It is free to list an item and Mercari takes 10% once you sell something.

How It Works

List your item for sale then ship it using the prepaid shipping label that you are emailed.

15. Once Upon A Child

Many cities have a Once Upon a Child store that buys and sells all kind of used baby gear and baby clothes. If you have a ton of baby clothes and just can’t face selling it piece by piece yourself, OUAC can be a good solution as you can take a whole bin in and they will take what they want.

The main negative I have found is that they are super picky and give very little per piece, but if you goal is just to get rid of stuff and make a little money as easily as possible, OUAC is worth trying.

How It Works

Drop off your baby clothes at the store and within a half hour or so, they will let you know what items they will take and pay you cash on the spot.

16. Kid To Kid 

Kid to Kid is a competitor of Once Upon A Child that focuses on high-end baby clothes and items. It can be a good option if you are short on time and just want to declutter your house as quickly as possible.

How It Works

Take your baby clothes into your nearest Kid To Kid store and wait while they are appraised. Take payment as cash or 20% more in store credit.

17. Children’s Orchard

Next on the list, we have Children’s Orchard. Now, this is another place to sell clothing near you and you get paid fast as well.

You can sell your gently used children’s clothes to Children’s Orchard. Just take in your stuff, and the company’s buyers will check it and then give you cash for the items it keeps. Instead of cash, you can opt for store credit to earn even more money. But you can, of course, take the cash if you want to.

18. Jane’s Exchange Children’s & Maternity Consignment

After 13 years in business, Jane’s Exchange has grown into “Manhattan’s biggest and longest-running children’s and maternity consignment store.” The new location in the East Village is bigger and better, with a website that lists what they have and what they need. Additionally, photos of the store are available to help buyers understand the excellent quality of secondhand items available. Appointments are necessary when bringing in items, but Jane’s Exchange is open 7 days a week, making scheduling easy.

19. Flying Squirrel

Voted the “best children’s store in Greenpoint,” Flying Squirrel is open 6 days a week, closed Monday. Buying hours are designated to Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. However, clothing donations are accepted any time Flying Squirrel is open. In addition to children’s items, this unique store also offers music classes. Check their website for more information.

20. Clementine

Named the “Best Kids’ Consignment Store in New York” by New York Magazine, shoppers can take advantage of the Clementine Online Store or its frequent shopper program. There are no drop offs on Sundays and Mondays. Download the consignment and drop-and-run agreement in PDF format for more information.

21. LuLu’s Then & Now

LuLu’s Then & Now of Park Slope is a resale and consignment store for children ages newborn to eight. Find gently used clothing, books, and secondhand baby gear or drop off your items. The children’s store just asks that you call ahead before dropping off. LuLu’s has become so popular that they’ve expanded, with a baby gift and toy boutique of new items, birthday parties and indoor play space. Check out their website for events like story time or visits with Santa.

22. Consignment Stores

If your area has private consignment stores, they are worth checking out. These can be particularly good if you have lots of high-end baby clothes in sought after brands and in great condition.

How It Works

There are two types of consignment stores. The first is like Once Upon A child where you sell used baby clothes for cash to them and they then do what they want with them.

The advantage with this method is that you get cash right away although you probably won’t make as much money as with the second method.

The other option is that the consignment puts your items for sale at a mutually agreed on price. If they sell, you both split the profit, if they don’t sell, you can take them back.

23. Yard Sales

Everyone is familiar with yard sales and they are a great way to sell baby clothes for cash, especially if you have tons of things like onesies and little sleepers.

The key is to make the items look attractive and to price things well. $1 an item is often a great starting point for the basics.

How It Works

Set up your own “storefront” on your driveway and let your neighbors shop your stuff. Make sure to have plenty of change and to advertise around the area so people know that you will have lots of baby gear.

24. Bonanza

Bonanza allows you to sell stuff across multiple categories. You can list stuff for sale for free.

25. Wallapop

Wallapop is a free classified ads site where you can list kid’s clothes for sale.

26. Vinted

You can sell used clothes, shoes, and accessories on Vinted.

27. Craigslist

Craigslist is a good site to list your stuff for sale since it’s free and there’s no commission charged either.

28. Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell your used kid’s clothes or baby clothes locally, then consider selling through Facebook Marketplace.


Kids grow out of their clothes too fast, costing you a small fortune, right? Well, you could make some cash back by selling used kid’s clothes. There are so many places online where you can sell them and a few brick-and-mortar stores as well.